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Did you know all truly great entrepreneurs, creators, consultants and experts are also great writers!! In this day and age to really stand out from the pack means you need to be a fabulous writer!!

YAY!! Make this year the year you really kick off your writing, get blogging, become a gun at content creation and really get known for what you know!

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Becoming noticed, noteworthy and known in this crowded marketplace relies on you being seen and positioned as an expert so you attract the exact people who are right for your business!

There’s a secret to being able to quickly and easily write your blogs, articles, guest posts, social media content and more and it’s in my planner! YAY!

This is the exact blog planner I designed when I started blogging 12 months ago and my weekly blogs have attracted thousands of views, nearly 2,000 lovely subscribers and dozens of comments from people who really connect with my writing and find powerful and meaningful messages in my blogs while they’re on the journey of building beautiful businesses.

This template enables you to quickly, easily and strategically map out your blogging topics and ideas, so you’re not stumped and sitting in shock with writer’s block. Cool huh?!

If you’re a female entrepreneur who wants to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page, raise your credibility, raise your authority and increase your income then my fun, FREE Beautiful Blogging 5-Day Challenge Planner is for YOU! Yippee!!

The template guides you through the:

  • 5 steps to go from a scramble of ideas to solid topics
  • Exact 5 steps I’ve used to easily write over 100 blogs in 12 months
  • A super, super simple way to organise your thoughts and turn them into blogs and written content!

Because of the Blogging Planner I now have a list of ideas for upcoming blogs plus inspiration to keep writing and releasing blogs as I know I can sit down and write with ease.

Sonja Balzarolo , Creativity Coach

Don’t let another year slip away without your blog or content creation kicking off! You deserve to get your words of wisdom out there into the hearts and minds of readers and people who can truly be transformed by your ideas, stories and experiences.

Your message is important. Your stories can really help people. Your blogging and written content builds your brand, your business and your bottom line AND most importantly your writing builds TRUST with your tribe.

People want to build trust and work with great people. Writing authentic, consistent content does this; it positions you as someone genuine, who’s giving, serving and trustworthy! START your blogging/writing journey today!!

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